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Chile (Nombre geográfico)

Forma preferida: Chile
Usado por/ver desde:
  • Chili
  • Cile
  • Chih-li
  • Ts'ileh
  • República de Chile
  • Republic of Chile

Mivneh ha-kehilah ha-Yehudit be-Ts'ileh, 1979

The statesman's year-book, 1995-1996: p. 328 (Chile; República de Chile)

Wikipedia, July 11, 2006 (Chile, officially the Republic of Chile (Spanish: RepÔublica de Chile); a national junta in the name of Ferdinand--heir to the deposed king--was formed on Sept. 18, 1810. The junta proclaimed Chile an autonomous republic within the Spanish monarchy. A movement for total independence soon won a wide following. Intermittent warfare continued until 1817, when an army led by Bernardo O'Higgins and JosÔe de San MartÔin crossed the Andes into Chile and defeated the royalists. On Feb. 12, 1818, Chile was proclaimed an independent republic under O'Higgins' leadership)

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