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KCAP (Firma) (Nombre corporativo)

Forma preferida: KCAP (Firma)

Situation KCAP, 2005: t.p. (Architects and planners, Kees Christiaanse, Han van den Born, Ruurd Gietema, Irma van Oort) p. 10 (KCAP, founded at the end of the 1980s)

KCAP WWW home page, Apr. 19, 2006 (KCAP, a Rotterdam based firm; f. 1989 by Kees Christiaanse; internationally operated Dutch design firm specializing in architecture and urbanism, led by its 4 founding partners: Han van den Born, Kees Christiaanse, Ruurd Gietema and Irma van Oort)

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