Cohen, Jean-Louis

The future of architecture, since 1889 / Jean-Louis Cohen. - New York : Phaidon, 2012. - 527 p. : il. (principalmente color) ; 28 cm.

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Introduction : Architecture's expanded field -- Shed to rails: the dominion of steel -- The search for modern form -- Domestic innovation and tectonic expression -- American rediscovered, tall and wide -- The challenge of the metropolis -- New production, new aesthetic -- In search of a language: from classicism to Cubism -- The Great War and its side effects -- Expressionism in Weimar Germany and the Netherlands -- Return to order in Paris -- Dada, De Stijl, and Mies: from subversiveness to elementarism -- Architectural education in turmoil -- Architecture and revolution in Russia -- The architecture of social reform -- Internationalization, its networks and spectacles -- Futurism and rationalism in Fascist Italy -- The spectrum of classicisms and traditionalisms -- North American modernities -- Functionalism and machine aesthetics -- Modern languages conquer the world -- COlonial experiences and new nationalism -- Architecture of a total war -- Tabula rasa to horror vacui: reconstruction and renaissance -- The fatal crisis of the modern movement and the alternatives -- Le Corbusier reinvented and reinterpreted -- The shape of American hegemony -- Repression and diffusion of modernism -- Toward new utopias -- Between elitism and populism: alternative architecture -- After 1968: architecture for the city -- The postmodern season -- From regionalism to critical internationalism -- The neo-futurist optimism of high tech -- Architecture's outer boundaries -- Vanishing points.

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